martes, 3 de junio de 2014

An 8 Ton Orca Jumping Out of the Water

If you’ve ever been out on a whale watching boat tour, especially recently, it’s not very likely that you actually got in close to the massive beasts. With many regulations regarding safe distance to the pods, the viewers are usually forced to snap their photos from afar, hoping the zoom will do the action justice. But, one lucky photographer, Christopher Swann, wasn’t confined by regulations and got up close and personal with an orca as it chased a dolphin:

While the exact weight of the orca and height jumped isn’t completely known, you can’t deny the impressiveness of Swann’s photo. It shows the strength, agility, and pure beauty of the killer whale.

Go to full article: Interesting Photo of the Day: An 8 Ton Orca Jumping Out of the Water
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