domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

The Mighty Matterhorn

At 4,478 meters tall, the Matterhorn, known in various languages as Mont Cervin and Monte Cervino, is not only one of the Alps’ tallest peaks, but also one of its deadliest. Over 500 climbers have died trying to reach its summit since the late 19th century. Visually, it’s one of the world’s most striking mountains for its knife-life protrusion from the earth:

The Matterhorn rises out of the Italian-Swiss Alps. (Via 500px. Click for larger image.)  

This shot was captured by photographer Bertrand Monney, who has a penchant for high-resolution otherworldly landscapes, both natural and man-made. Part of what makes this photo so awesome is its dark rocky foreground against an almost delicately light background–the interplay between textuality and light makes the composition way more interesting than if he just shot for the spiky mountain itself. Of course, the reflecting pool helps, too, as does every ounce of detail visible on the mount itself.

Credits: PictureCorrect
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