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Mammal Photographer of the Year

Rare is the opportunity to take such a photograph of a common seal. Alex Berryman photographed this individual to win first prize in under 18's category of The Mammal Society's second Mammal Photographer of the Year competition, focusing on UK wildlife.

This close up of a brown hare photographed by Elliot Hook was shortlisted by the judges. "Changes in farming methods over the last 50 years are likely to have a major impact on hare populations," they said, announcing the competition results.

This prancing roe deer by Grant Auton was highly commended by the judges. Unlike other deer, they do not live in herds, but are most often seen as solitary individuals or as a family group of a mother and her offspring.

An emerging stoat its warm weather coat won Adrain Hinchliffe third prize overall. In winter, stoats develop a white coat wich gives way to brown as the seasons change. The average stoat lives a short life of just 1,5 years.

Wild boar have colonised some of Britain's forests. The judges shortlisted this photograph of a herd of piglets taken by Scott Passmore. As they age, the young pigs' striped coats will darken to a uniform brown.

Grant Auton also won second prize overall for this stunning image of a swimming common seal. Around 5% of the world's common seals live in the UK.

Water voles can often be mistaken for rats, and the UK population suffered a catastrophic level of predation by the American mind. Samuel Baylis's image was highly commended within the under 18's category.

Tim Stenton captured this image of a Bottlenose dolphim feeding on an Atlantic salmon. He took the shortlisted photograph from land a Chanonry Point, within Scotland's Moray Firth. The Point is regarded as one of the best places in the UK to see dolphins.

Also shortlisted was this pipistrelle bat by Maurice Flynn. Pipistrelle are the commonest British bats, weighing around 5 grams. A single pipistrelle can eat 3000 insects in just one night.

Stuart Scott's brown hare took overall firts prize in the competition, wich encourages people to celebrate and support the conservation of British mammals. "Seing these beautiful creatures is always special", said the judges. "A moment perfectly captured"
Credits: BBC Nature
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