jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Nature's own artistry

Botswana is a land of unmatched beauty, plentiful in wildlife and rich in culture, giving the country a magical and dreamlike quality.

New York City photographer Zack Seckler was able to capture the raw beauty of Africa from 500 feet above ground.

Botswana's prominent salt pans, diamond rich deserts and lush flood plains teeming with animals are all plain to see.

'Being above the ground at such low elevations, and having the ability to precisely maneuver, was like gliding over an enormous painting and being able to create brushstrokes at will,' Seckler said.

Seckler describes each frame as having its own stories in the movements of zebras and cows and they cross the land.

His first photographic exhibition is now on display at The Robin Rice Gallery in New York.

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Credits: DailyMail 

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