jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Barren-ground Caribou

Article and Photographs by Kaylene Newsom 

The one animal that continues to captured my heart and soul is the Barren Ground Caribou. Their perseverance climbing mountain range after mountain range will either kill you or inspire you. While trying to  hike along with these beauties you’ll be challenged at every step.

There will come times when you think the work is not worth it, you’ll want to turn back - I encourage you to keep going, you’ll have the best chance to get the shot if you push on. Be Patient

I think being patient can be used in all aspects of life but in photography it’s essential. I hiked a full day with large lenses and tripods in tundra and willows that ranged between my ankles to over my head. Caribou can be frightened easily so it is important that you keep calm and continue trekking. Eventually, caribou will either never stop walking, settle down (bed down) or become comfortable with you. When they are bedded it is important to keep patiences, chances are they are awaiting the sun to die down so that they can continue to graze.

Connect With The Subject

Connection is why I love photography. Weather you are connecting with the animal or yourself, as long as you are taking more in than pixels, you’ll be taking good photographs. Photographing these images, I remembered to listen carefully, to look with my eyes fully to really take in the experience. You’ll have no problem anticipating images if you are connected with your subject.

My experience photographing caribou is parallel to what the animal means to me; they persevere, adapt, endure and led me into a new direction.

Biography: I teach and guide individuals and business through all aspects of photography including developing mini content for online promotional use on social media sites. I’ve been published in a variety of magazine, business presentations, business prints and web content. All images are for sale and am available for consultation and speaking events. 

Credits: The Canadian Nature Photographer
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