lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Estonian wildlife photo gallery by Neil Aldridge and Remo Savisaar

Neil Aldridge is a an award-winning conservation photographer, author and professional wildlife guide. 
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Remo Savisaar is one of Estonia’s leading wildlife photographers. His photography has received international recognition. 
Find out more about Remo Savisaar's photography
Neil Aldridge and Remo Savisaar lead wildlife photography tours to Estonia.

Two male brown bears enter a clearing in Estonia's primeval forest.

The best way to photograph brown bears is from a special hide.

Racoon dogs are a non-native species in Estonia.

Aerial view of Männikjärve bog.

Pied wagtail at sunrise in the Endla Nature Reserve.

Beavers have made a comeback in Estonia and can be seen along the Pedja River.

Lady’s slipper orchids appear in their thousands in the woodlands of Saaremaa Island.

Vilsandi National Park, Saaremaa Island.

A whooper swan sits on its nest in the middle of a lake, Saaremaa Island.

Red foxes are common in Estonia.

Wild flowers, such as these early purple orchids, are abundant in Estonia.

A frog launches itself at a rival to assert its dominance during a breeding display at Ardla wetlands.

The beautiful ancient valley of the Ahja River is home to the elusive European lynx.

Little ringed plovers nest on the Paljassaare Peninsula, which is very close to Estonia's capital, Tallinn.

The sun sets over the Baltic Sea at the coast of Saka, northern Estonia.

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