martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 - winners' gallery

About the competition
For 13 years the GDT (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen) has invited amateur and professional photographers from all over Europe to participate in this competition.  
GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 was awarded to British photographer Alex Mustard with his image 'Night moves'. The photograph is of bar jacks hunting over a coral reef.
Alex says, “I wanted to depict the fast-paced flow of the action, but struggled to capture the energy of the predation in a photograph. Ultimately, I decided to experiment with long exposure settings, using an underwater video light to illuminate the trails of the fish as they dived down to the reef to feed.”

Overall winner: 'Night moves' by Alex Mustard (bar jacks hunting over a coral reef).

Birds category winner: 'Dawn at Bass Rock' by Zoltán Gergely Nagy (Northern gannets). 

Birds category highly commended: ‘Attack’ by Pål Hermansen (jay and sparrowhawk). 

Birds category highly commended: 'Group hug' by Stefan Christmann (king penguins). 

Birds category highly commended: ‘Gardener of the rainforest’ by Christian Ziegler (southern cassowary). 

Mammals category winner: ‘Buck in the lower right corner’ by Sven Začek (roe deer). 

Mammals category highly commended: ‘Grimace’ by Erlend Haarberg (mountain hare). 

Other animals category runner-up: ‘The ghost’ by Magdalena Wasiczek (large white butterfly). 

Other animals category highly commended: ‘Burning Leaf’ by Marco Colombo (harvestman).  

Plants and fungi category runner-up: ‘Defrosted’ by Andrés Miguel Domínguez (cranesbill and algae). 

Plants and fungi highly commended: ‘Cotton field under Icelandic sky’ by Luciano Gaudenzio (cotton grass). 

Underwater world category highly commended: ‘Smile’ by Franco Banfi (bridled parrotfish).  

Underwater world category highly commended: ‘Say Aaah!’ by Bence Máte (Dalmatian pelicans).  

Nature's studio category winner: ‘The Dance’ by Lars Andreas Dybvik (stream reflecting trees growing on bank).  

Man and nature category winner: ‘The performance’ by Britta Jaschinski (performing orangutan at the Chimelong International Circus, China). 

Man and nature runner-up: ‘Final performance’ by Martin Gregus (beached humpback whale calf surrounded by reporters and bystanders at White Rock, British Columbia). 

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