martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Garden wildlife photo gallery by Jodie Randall

Jodie Randall is a 23- year-old nature photographer from Kent. She has been taking photos of wildlife for the past eight years and would like to establish a career as a nature photographer.
The majority of Jodie’s images are of flora and fauna close to her home.
She enjoys experimenting with macro photography to explore the miniature world of insects around her. 

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Common frog in a garden pond in April.

A bright-yellow crab spider stands out like a sore thumb perched on top of an African lily. 

Jodie framed this cuckoo flower with a dandelion behind it to give the impression of a golden halo.

Fly agaric mushrooms in a Kent woodland in autumn.

Jodie used a a very shallow depth of field to enhance the soft, early morning light shining on the back of this garden snail.

A garden spider is busy rebuilding its web after strong autumn gales. 

A honeybee hovers before collecting nectar from a lavender plant. 

A backlit hoverfly is viewed through the petals of a poppy after a rain shower. 

Vivid-yellow lesser celandines appear in Jodie's local woodland in spring.

A midge emerges from the depths of a dewy lawn first thing in the morning.

A female orange-tip butterfly.  

The midday sun creates a silvery glow as this pond skater moves across the surface of the water. 

This ruddy darter settled on dead wild parsley for the night.

A shield bug photographed from beneath a dock leaf.

Speckled bush-crickets are masters of camouflage. 

Wood anemones in spring. 

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