jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Switcheroo: Quirky Portraits of Couples Swapping Clothes by Hana Pesut

Switcheroo is an ongoing portrait project by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut where fashionably dressed couples are asked to swap clothing for a pair of portraits sent against an identical backdrop. While the premise is pretty simple, the results are often highly amusing because of all the subtle details and unusual juxtapositions. Giant feet crammed into tiny high heeled shoes, the seemingly nervous faces of cross-dressing in public, or even the genuine grins of subjects who clearly enjoy the project as much as the photographer.
The portraits shown here are among the most recent from a trip to Japan, and you can see many more on her Tumblr. Pesut also gathered many of the best portraits into a book. (via My Modern Met)

Amy & Joe

Cody & Molly

Elliot & Reya

Genta & Kurara

Hugues & Lykke

Jackie & Mayumi

Janis & Ken

Javan & Brenna

Sammy & Maggie

Sheldon & Brittney

Yo & Reina

Daruma & Toko

 Credits: Colossal

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