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British Wildlife Photography Award winners 2013

The beauty of Britain's wildlife is celebrated as the winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards are announced. This incredible encounter titled 'In the living room' was the overall winner and submitted by George Karbus who said: "Water visibility is always very limited in Ireland, and I was very lucky to get a shot like this."

This sleepy autumn scene in Devon, England was highly commended in the wild woods category and was taken by Danny Green who pointed out the intricacies of photographing endangered mammals, saying: "This dormouse is hibernating and so I used a qualified handler to help me."

The winner of the hidden Britain category is titled 'Viewpoint' and was taken by James Knight in Buckinghamshire, England. This backlit tiny snail, Helix aspersa, created a shadow that caught Mr Knight's eye, who then recomposed his image and waited until it reached the end of the fern before taking the photo.

The winner of the animal portraits category was taken by Mark N Thomas at Trefor Pier, Gwynedd, North Wales of this tompot blenny (Parablennius gattorugine). Simply titled 'Tommy', Mr Thomas appears to have captured its inquisitive character and said: "This fish could be found in the same place on several dives."

In the same category, patience was the key to this highly commended image of little owl chicks titled 'The three Stooges'. It was taken in Sussex, England by Richard Peters who said: "Trying to get all three in view and looking in my direction was a waiting game!"

In the urban wildlife category, the judges looked for an original image that shows wild animals or plants within an urban environment. Jamie Hall spent three weeks travelling between his home in Leicester to London and his persistence was rewarded with this winning image.

Robert Canis won the botanical Britain category with this image that captures the symbiotic relationship between tiny fungi and massive trees. "This particular day, the conditions were perfect: misty and still," Mr Canis said.

Sometimes it is not a question of getting the camera close to nature but nature getting close to the camera in the natural details category. This winning image of a cuttlefish's eye was taken by Michael Gallagher, who said it approached him seemingly "intrigued by the camera-wielding, bubble-blowing intruder".

Joseph Amess, aged 15, was the winner of the 12 to 18 years category with this impressive backlit shot of a great tit in flight taken in Suffolk, England. The winning images will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London from the 2nd until the 7th of September before departing on a nationwide tour.

Credits: BBC Nature
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