lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

In The Picture: Jasper Geenhuizen

Jasper Geenhuizen bought his first professional camera to take pictures of music performances, those of his own and of friends. But, he quickly saw that you could do a lot more with a camera than take “normal” pictures. After some experimentation with photography, Jasper discovered various forms of photography. However, Light graffiti, or light painting, was the form that caught his attention. Light graffiti mostly appealed to him due to the colorfulness and the way that you’re creating something out of nothing.
We’d like to thank Jasper for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work.

 Light graffiti is the evolution of the old school graffiti in a more digital shape. Because it does not break things, not make them dirty, it is legal while staying true to street art. Where people used to stand in front of walls with paint cans, nowadays you can see people, like Jasper, waving lights back and forth in the air with strange moves. This strange dance with lights has caused Jasper to be approached by many amazed people, while making his graffiti.
Jasper discovered Light graffiti some two years ago, when his brother showed a form of this graffiti on the internet. While he had seen similar things some years before, this time, after some years of creative development, it aroused Jaspers interest. Because he already had the professional camera, he then tried to create some light graffiti, and fell in love with the result. At present he practices several techniques and is developing his own style in the light graffiti scene.
Jasper’s work has been recognized by many people and organizations. His work has been displayed in art galleries such as Bitterzoet Amsterdam and Nora de Klein. Also, in more unusual places one could enjoy Jasper Geenhuizen’s Light graffiti, for instance in the headquarters of the police in Groningen, or in the hospitals of Groningen, such as the University Medical Center Groningen. Furthermore, Jasper has enjoyed some (inter)national recognition by, among others, the Travex magazine in Brazil and Digiphoto magazine in the Netherlands.
Due to the advances in digital photography, it is easy to make photos resembling light graffiti. But, it is truly an art when one can merge the light with the environment, and to make the light seem part of the scene. This is Jasper’s aim, to distinguish himself from other light graffiti artists, by creating photos of which the scene and the light are becoming one.

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