lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

2013 National Geographic Traveler Winners

The results of the 25th edition of National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013 have fallen. Eleven photographs of incredible quality and diversity chosen from more than 15,500 photographs sent around the world. It begins with the first prize for Wagner Araujo, Brazil Aquathlon.

First place : Brazil Aquathlon – Wagner Araujo

Second place : Thunderstorm at False Kiva – Max Seigal

Third Place : Say Cheese – Yanai Bonneh

Merit Winner : The Tata Honda Sect – Gergely Lantai-Csont

Merit Winner : Sakura – Hideyuki Katagiri

Merit Winner : Children of Reindeer – Michelle Schantz

Merit Winner : Piano Play at Sunset – Nikola Smernic

Merit Winner : Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl – Graham McGeorge

Merit Winner : Guanjiang Shou – Chan Kwok Hung

Merit Winner : Lady in Water – Marcelo Salvador

Viewers’ Choice Winner : Another Perspective of the Day – Dody Kusuma

Credits: Fubiz 
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