domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Planet Earth 05

A fisherman rows a boat in Chaohu Lake, filled with blue-green algae, in Hefei. Jianan Yu/REUTERS

Youth rides mountain bikes inside Tengger caldera at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Beawiharta Beawiharta/REUTERS

Scavengers search for recyclable materials to be sold to recycling centres, at the Nam Son garbage dump, north of Hanoi. Nguyen Huy Kham/REUTERS

An Egyptian farmer squats down on cracked soil to show the dryness of the land due to drought in a farm formerly irrigated by the river Nile, in Al-Dakahlya. Mohamed Abd El Ghany/REUTERS

A worker carries bags filled with algae while cleaning the polluted waters of river Sabarmati on World Environment Day in Ahmedabad. Amit Dave/REUTERS

A car leaves a small settlement surrounded by the floods of the river Danube near the eastern Bavarian city of Deggendorf. Wolfgang Rattay/REUTERS

David Brockwell walks between wind turbines during a routine inspection at the Infigen Energy wind farm located on the hills surrounding Lake George, 50 km north of the Australian capital city of Canberra. David Gray/REUTERS

Seagulls fly over children on the beach at Coney Island in the Brooklyn Borough of New York. Keith Bedford/REUTERS

 A rainbow appears at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Benoit Tessier/REUTERS

 A boat navigates past the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is covered in thick fog. Daniel Munoz/REUTERS

A man swims in the polluted waters of river Yamuna on a hot day in New Delhi. Mansi Thapliyal/REUTERS

Beachgoers stroll along Fort Kochi beach while holding umbrellas during a rain shower in the southern Indian city of Kochi. Sivaram V/REUTERS

A laboratory technician uses a Geiger counter to measure radiation in fish at Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture. Issei Kato/REUTERS

A mile wide tornado is seen near El Reno,Oklahoma. Reuters Photographer/REUTERS

Cloud to ground lightning strikes near storm chasers during a tornadic thunderstorm in Cushing. Gene Blevins/REUTERS

Sheet metal is pictured stuck in a tree along Route 66 in El Reno. Bill Waugh/REUTERS

A farmer walks amid a terrace paddy field in Suichuan county. China Daily China Daily Information Corp - CDIC/REUTERS

Ducks waddle past statue of world harmony leader Sri Chinmoy, partially submerged by water from rising Vltava river, in Prague. David W Cerny/REUTERS

A firefighting helicopter drops water on a wildfire burning in Lancaster, California. Jonathan Alcorn/REUTERS

Firefighters battle the Powerhouse wildfire at the Angeles National Forest in California. Gene Blevins/REUTERS

Participants play in the mud during Mud Day celebrations in Hanoi. Nguyen Huy Kham/REUTERS

The funnel of a tornadic thunderstorm almost touches the ground near South Haven. Gene Blevins/REUTERS

A cyclist passes a steam vent on the empty streets of the financial district during the annual Victoria Day holiday in Toronto. Andy Clark/REUTERS

An aerial view shows the path of destruction in the aftermath of a tornado, at a neighborhood in Moore, Oklahoma. Rick Wilking/REUTERS

Lightning flashes in the sky in Zhuhai. Reuters Photographer/REUTERS

A woman holding an umbrella walks on the flooded streets during a heavy rainfall in Kathmandu. Navesh Chitrakar/REUTERS

Clouds of a thunderstorm roll over neighborhoods heavily damaged in a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Lucas Jackson/REUTERS

The snow-covered Popocatepetl volcano spews a cloud of steam high into the air in Puebla. Imelda Medina/REUTERS

Credits: Totally Cool Pix
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