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Picture the scene... Photographer returns to iconic film locations to recreate unique now-and-then images

If it sometimes feels like you’re on a film set in New York then as these images show it's with good reason.
They form part of an on-going art project by New York based journalist Christopher Moloney that matches black and white scenes from famous movies with their real-life, present-day locations.
Mr Maloney says he has recreated film scenes from Los Angeles to Toronto, Chicago, San Antonio and Ho Chi Minh City.
Last month, his work was shown at an exhibition at the Cannes Film festival and it is also showing at the Ischia Film Festival in Naples, Italy from June 29 to July 6.
On his blog Mr Moloney says his photographs are currently on display in homes and galleries in Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Russia, Italy, Japan, Brazil and the United States.
The black and white still shots are taken from locations from famous films and television shows including the Devil Wears Prada, Ghostbusters and Glee.
Mr Malone has taken over 400 images from film classics including Rebel Without a Cause, Kramer versus Kramer, the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, starring Robert Redford and When Harry Met Sally.
As well as scenes from classic US films he has also used images from famous television series' such as the Wonder Years. And the collection includes scenes from more recent movie hits such as the Dark Knight Rises and I Am Legend
One of the most striking things about many of the images is how little many locations have changed despite the passing years and the constant rebuilding in cities like New York.
Some locations from films made in the1940s and 1950s look the same as did did 60 and 70 years ago.
In the case of other locations, the project has revealed how many sites are used regularly for different films with film-makers simply using different angles or perspectives.

Rebel: Mr Moloney has taken over 400 photographs from locations including New York and Los Angeles, such as this one from Rebel Without a Cause

Ghostbusting: This image shows one of the iconic scenes from 80's hit Ghostbusters

Famous movies: Christopher Maloney sets black and white images from famous films against their modern day backdrop such as this one from I Am Legend

Famous films: in some cases it may be slightly more difficult to work out which film the scene is from as in this image from The Devil Wears Prada

Modern classic: as well as images from old classic movies Mr Moloney had taken images of more modern classics such as this one from Back to the Future

Dark Knight: the images also include films made in the last year such as this image from the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises

Classic television: as well as taking images from famous films Mr Moloney has also produced images using classic television shows such as this one from The Wonder Years

Modern hits: the collection also includes more modern hits from television such as this one from the show Glee

Unchnaged: many of the photos show how little has changed in certain locations over the years like this one from When Harry Met Sally

No change: at some locations the only thing that appears to have changed are the people and the fashion, such as this scene from 1945's The Lost Weekend

Different perspectives: despite the clothes this is an image from 1974's Great Gatsby rather than a 1940s classic

 Credits: Mail Online
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