viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Mammal photo winners

The Mammal Society's Mammal Photographer of the Year 2013 finalists have been announced. The winner was Roy Rimmer with his Jumping Rat

Julie Milne's Licking Fox won second prize. The competition remit was to capture images that told a story, showed rare behaviour, animals in a fragile environment, or made the ordinary extraordinary

Gary Cox's Wood mouse with a blackberry snatched third place

Alex Berryman was an under 18 winner with his water vole

Alessandro Oggioni was also an under 18 winner with his Leaping Dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were photographed in the Firth of Forth

Bex Cartwright was the member winner with her Roe buck in fog

Richard Fisher's image of a red deer in Richmond Park was highly commended

David Gibbon's Fox with lunch was also highly commended

A grey squirrel searching for nuts won Mark Fox a commendation

Tom McDonnell's Grey seals laughing was highly commended. The seals were photographed at Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland

Also highly commended was Harry Martin's Weasel chasing sparrows. The scene was photographed at RSPB Rainham Marshes

Joel Walley was highly commended for an image of two stoats at Conwy estuary in North Wales

Austin Thomas' highly commended Leaping squirrel was taken in the Cairngorms National Park

Tim Hunt was highly commended for his common seal in surf. He captured the image at Godrevy in Cornwall

Kate Williamson was highly commended for this shot called Oh no, you got me. The wood mouse was photographed at Kindrogan Field Studies centre in Perthshire. Ian Wade was also commended for his image called Urban fox

Credits: BBC Nature
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