lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Images from South Central Ontario

by Peter McNeil ©

Lunar Eclipse

Oh my, your photograph looks just like a painting! Has anyone ever said this about  your photos? If they did it’s meant as a compliment, but what exactly does it imply? What relationship exists (beyond the obvious) between paintings and photographs and what can photographers learn from a skilled painter? These are the questions I’ve pondered for years. In my images shown here I used various techniques both with the camera and in post-production to blur the line between paintings and photographs. I don’t practice this technique all the time, but I can’t help wonder how the French Impressionist’s or Group of Seven would have interpreted the scene I just captured with a digital camera. A more extensive portfolio of my work is available on my website - 

Algonquin at rest

On their Own

In the Water

TL Arrowhead Provincial Park TR Killarney Provincial Park BL Hockley Valley BR Algonquin Park

Cave trail in Collingwood

L Oxtongue River R Arrowhead Provincial Park

Apple Orchids Collingwood

Peter McNeil is a photographer, but he will confess that skills improvement for him is nurtured through a better understanding of painting styles from French Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and even The Group of Seven. Find out if the Mona Lisa would have worked as a photograph and learn how to improve your own style through a better appreciation of a painter’s approach to individual expression. 

Bio – Peter McNeil is a professional photographer based in York Region in the Greater Toronto Area. On top of practicing as a portrait and wedding photographer his real passion is the courses, workshops and photo excursions he provides throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada.

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