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Photo of the Day: Best of February 2013

by National Geographic

Splash Effect, British Columbia

Photograph by Rob Leslie, Your Shot
This unedited image was taken with a tripod mounted in the Pacific Ocean during a winter sunset in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Taken at the moment a rock was thrown into the water.

Moonlit Mountains, Nepal

Photograph by Max Seigal, My Shot
I watched as the beautiful full moon rose at Annapurna Base Camp, lighting up the entire landscape as if it were daylight. It provided the perfect lighting for this photo as I set up my tripod and shot one of the few majestic 8,000-meter peaks on this planet, surrounded by a starry night backdrop.

White-Tailed Eagles, Poland

Photograph by Sylwia Domaradzka, My Shot
I took this image during my last trip to Poland, where I was amazed by these birds. It seems like every one of them wanted to dominate the group. Displays of such mild aggression were very common.

Café, Amsterdam

Photograph by Marko Savic, My Shot
In a hidden street I found this cafe. It looked like a scenography for some movie. I loved the atmosphere and the pictures on the wall. The lighting was really dramatic, and the man with the cigar was in just the right place.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Photograph by Vincent Ma, My Shot
Sydney Harbour Bridge climbers don special suits for the 2.5-hour climb. The suits are meant to blend in with the bridge and are designed not to distract passing traffic below. The climb starts from the southern end. The north shore suburb Kirribilli can be seen to the right of the bridge.

Barn Owl, United Kingdom

Photograph by Mark Bridger, My Shot
A wild barn owl flying over Norfolk reeds at dusk

Monks, Thailand

Photograph by Paramit Supadulchai, My Shot
"All things must pass away. Strive for your own salvation with diligence," said the Buddha, his last words. Here, 1,127 monks are lighting floating lanterns at the temple of Song Pee Nong (literally means two brothers) as part of their pilgrimage. Suphan Buri Province, Thailand.

Arno River, Florence

Photograph by Heather Anne Campbell, My Shot
Spending the holidays traveling means fewer tourists and more clouds. This photo was taken on Christmas in Florence, Italy. Very few people were walking around, and the air was very still.

Landscape, Czech Republic

Photograph by Wael Massalkhi, My Shot
Deer enjoying the wavy fields in southern Moravia in the Czech Republic

Ship, Juan de Fuca Strait

Photograph by Jason van der Valk, Your Shot
A large vessel makes her way through the Juan de Fuca Strait near Victoria, British Columbia, on the southern shores of Vancouver Island.
Through heavy cloud cover over the ocean, the sun threw down many rays. I could see this ship nearing the bright light and waited until it was in the middle.
I exposed for the extreme highlights, leaving the rest underexposed and presenting a very dramatic image.
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