sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

PAINTOGRAPHY by Ray Bilcliff

True Portraits is all about Photography recreated as Paintography. The creator of the beautiful photos in these galleries is Ray Bilcliff. Ray’s photographic and paintography works can be seen through out the internet on sites such as Behance 500px and FolioHD and lots more. 

Paintography is his style of work as can be seen in most of his photos, paintography is taking a photo and in post processing create a digital art work that looks a bit like an oil painting.

karate Instructor. Ray is a retired karate instructor having reached the very top as an 8th Dan Black Belt. Ray as a grand master created his own free style martial art of Jintian-Do (Free Style karate) and he has taught over 300 students to the black belt level and several to the master level. 

Scuba Diving Instructor. Apart from his love of the martial arts Ray is also a retired PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and has worked in over 30 countries and islands around the world. 

There are hundreds of scuba diving enthusiasts now venturing into the deep and taking underwater photos and having the time of their lives thanks to Ray’s teaching. 

On Google Plus. Ray Bilcliff has become deeply involved with the photo community helping newbie's become better photographers and curating a number of Daily Photo Themes that are very popular.

You can visit with Ray Bilcliff on Zurker along with many other social people hey! maybe some of your friends are there also.

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