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National Tree Week

National Tree Week is an annual celebration to start the UK’s winter tree-planting season. In light of the potentially devastating and landscape-changing ash dieback disease, this year's event is particularly significant. This shot, Alone in a Field, was taken by Andy Thompson.

Back in 1972 the government announced the "Plant a Tree in ’73" campaign, after Dutch elm disease had ravaged the countryside killing millions of trees. These two Cornish elms were almost blown over by the 1987 storm but "with typical elm tenacity they remain standing", explained photographer Mary Parker.

From this initiative to replace all the fallen elms The Tree Council was born in 1974 and has been running National Tree Week since it was launched in 1975. Here Virginia Hodge really captures the woodland atmosphere in her photograph Dusky Evening.

Oaks are among the most dominant trees on the British landscape, providing habitats of great biodiversity that are particularly rich in insects, spiders and fungi. Thomas Cleeton took this shot called Oaks on Ullswater.

Entitled Tree Roots by the River this stunning image was taken by Stuart Meikle and wonderfully illustrates a tree's complex rooting system.

This row of windswept hawthorn trees forms a prominent feature along the crest of Adstone Hill to the east of Shropshire's Long Mynd. When Roger Butler took this photo he said he "couldn't help but wonder how many drovers and shepherds had used them as landmarks in years gone by".

English oaks are a symbol of strength and endurance, they grow to more than 30 metres and live for 1,000 years or more. According to photographer Mark Welby, this example captures the English countryside perfectly. "A prime example of why we should be championing our great oaks!" he said.

Forty years after Dutch elm disease, ash dieback is posing a similar threat to the landscape. This ash tree in the fog has been an "old friend and constant companion... reaching out into an uncertain future" to Richard Gill on his walks in Devon.

All images, including this one by Nick Thorne, were submitted to The Tree Council's magazine Tree News. Director general of the organisation, Pauline Buchanan Black, said the photographs highlight how "trees mean so many things to so many people". National Tree Week runs from 24 November to 2 December.

Credits: BBC Nature
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