jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Sony World Photography Awards 2013: open amateur shortlist

See a selection of shortlisted photographs on the open amateur shortlist of this year's Sony World Photography Awards. The work of all the shortlisted photographers - both in this and the professional category - will be exhibited at Somerset House, London, from 26 April to 12 May. The open competition result will be announced on 19 March and with the winner receiving $5,000.

Monks look up at the magnificent night sky filled with thousands of lanterns during the Yi Peng lantern festival in northern Thailand. Photograph: Ng Chai Hock /Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

A cloud of birds suddenly appeared in the air while cows cross the road in Jaipur's suburbs - one of the photographs that make up the open competition travel shortlist. Photograph: Maciej Makowski /Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

Les Baigneurs by Michel Lagarde is a self-portrait, photomontage in the enhanced category. Photograph: Michel Lagarde /Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

The 'Tiger and Turtle' by Peter Mysticdidge Plorin makes the architecture shortlist. Photograph: Peter Mysticdidge Plorin/Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

14 giraffes flee after spotting lions in hunting mode. Photograph: Frederic van Heerden /Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

A Kara woman in Omo Valley, Ethiopia is captured using a Canon 5D mark II with standard infrared filter. 'It gives the feeling of the spaciousness of the location but also the desolation from the rest of the world.' Photograph: Louise Porter/Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

The southern winter sky shows off its best in this 240 degree view of the Milky Way behind the Quiver Tree Forest near Keetmanshoop, Namibia. Photograph: Florian Breuer /Sony World Photography Awards 2013

One of several pictures to have made the smile category shortlist. Photograph: Paulo Mittelman/Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

The Milky Way looking like a giant tree atop of the mountain near Ush Konyr plateau, Kazakhstan. Photograph: Elmar Akhmetov/Sony Worls Photography 2013

Two homeless street children playing in the smoke created from burnt straws at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Suddenly dense smoke covered them and they were trying to protect themselves and escape. Photograph: Kazi Riasat Alve /Sony World Photogrtaphy Awards 2013

Credits: The Guardian
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