viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

The pictures we love best: Flickr celebrates fifth birthday with its most viewed images

It features everything from iconic images of some of the most famous figures in history to heartwarming private pictures of ordinary people and animals simply posing up for the camera.
Flickr Commons has celebrated its fifth anniversary by showing off a collection of its most viewed and commented on photographs, including a picture of Winston Churchill at a meeting of Allied leaders during WWII and a photograph of a black dog smoking a pipe in Wales.
The website's collection of 'public domain' photographs was first launched on January 16, 2008 with 1,500 pictures, and has expanded rapidly since, now featuring more than 250,000.

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Among the eye-catching images in the Flickr Commons collection is this iconic photo of Winston Churchill with President Roosevelt and Stalin at the Yalta Conference during WWII

The images include personal photographs such as this one of a dog smoking a pipe in Wales during the 1940s

The images include personal photographs such as a picture of a ship's cats, on the Royal Navy vessel HMS Hawkins

US Navy Lieutenant Luke Kremer piloting his F/A-18 C fighter plane over Key West, in Florida

Sponge diver John Gonatos is captured in this image off the coast of Florida in 1945 

A space rocket being launched features the signatures of the 'Mercury Seven' astronauts who were specially selected by NASA in 1959

A ring-tailed possum examines an Australian Department of Information movie camera

This picture of a baby and a dog on a sailing ship taken was taken by Sydney photographer Samuel J Hood. He took hundreds of photographs of ships and their crew as souvenirs of their visit

A hitchhiker is pictured holding his dog in Colorado

These flight attendants  look pretty in pink

US president Richard Nixon greets Elvis Presley at the White House in 1970

Swedish crofter Karl Oskar Lööw  taken in 1933. 

The unidentified soldier was part of the First Australian Imperial Force during WWI

A woman prepares to dive into a stream next to a glacier in Mount Rainier National Park, in Washington state

Canada Dock in Liverpool, 1909. The gentleman in uniform is RMS Mauretania's first Chief Engineer, John Currie

This city letter carrier in the US posed for a humorous photograph with a young boy in his mailbag

A soldier is watched by his comrades as he sleeps in the trenches in France during WWI. The image reflects the basic conditions soldiers were forced to endure

A one-wheeled motorcycle - pictured here in Holland in 1931

This photograph, shows a blind man 'seeing' through touch by holding a skeleton in 1913

Physicist Albert Einstein can be seen here among other VIPs during a meeting in 1931

The London School of Economics' Women's Hockey Team poses for the camera in this shot from the 1920s

An Allied soldier takes time out to play with his pet kangaroo in Australia in 1942

A group of children are hoisted in a crate on board HMAS Canberra in December 1931

'The Eagle Nebula': This colourful picture shows 'a star-forming region' about 7,000 light years from Earth

The family of a Mrs Murdoch taken in County Tipperary, Ireland in 1905, 
by photographer John Thomson and Adolphe Smith

'The Street Locksmith' from 'Street life in London' (1877) by photographer John Thomson and Adolphe Smith

A submarine in the Thames near Tower Bridge, London in 1919. U-Boats caused havoc for British shipping during WWI

A group of British soldiers celebrate in this photograph from WWI called 'Tommy enjoys possession of newly captured Hun trench'

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