miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013


I am James Carnegie, a 32 year old Surrey, UK based photographer photographer and I began shooting what I like to term “people in sick places with products” back at the turn of the Millenium, for magazines, brands and most often just for myself. I believe that my photographs are a direct reflection of how I see the world, the people I come across and interact with, the situations I find myself in and the person I’ve grown up to be. I’ve never struggled to connect with people, no matter the language, race, age or otherwise and this has helped when photographing on assignment for several days in remote locations with a bunch of strangers who you are expected to get the best out of within an hour of meeting them.
To me it’s never too early, too bright, too wet, too steep or too fast to get shooting and I’ve found that it’s often the most un-likely situations and times that the best shots come about. You can’t plan certain things, but you can be ready for when they come around. That’s where I like to think I excel and stand out – after the countless hours of researching the perfect location, travelling alone and hiking-in to find the sweet spots, I’ll be there poised, camera in hand, eyes wide open and ready for that split-second when the sun bursts through the clouds, the product comes to life on the athlete and it all comes together.
We’d like to thank James for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work.

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