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Deeper and down: From underground cathedrals of rock to giant chambers of ice, stunning pictures of one man's cave odyssey

While many of us would think twice before exploring the dark, dangerous caverns of the Earth's crust, for one fearless man, it is the perfect environment - and his greatest love.
These stunning images of ice formations, mystic lakes and beautiful 'halls' deep underground were taken by Peter Gedei.
The Slovenian photographer started caving 25 years ago and has carried a camera with him on every trip.

Mr Gedei, 43, said: 'Most of the photographs were taken in Slovenian caves, but some shots are from French caves, where I attended the first international meeting of cave photographers.
'Slovenia has, in a small area, over 10,000 registered caves of all levels of difficulty and of different depths and lengths, which is, for me, more than enough for cave photography.
'I take cave photography as a great photographic challenge, as well as a sports activity and exploration.

'All my pictures were taken during weekends or extensive explorations.'
Among the sites he has explored is Kacna jama, one of the most famous Slovenian caves.
Its specialty is the abyss in the entrance, which measures 190m in depth, and then becomes a hall.
In the 19th century, caving workers equipped the abyss with stairs that go all the way down to the bottom.
He added: 'Safe cave visitation requires good physical fitness and excellent knowledge of roping techniques.
'Of course, experience is more than welcome here. In my 25-year caving career, I have had plenty.
'In the cave, there is eternal darkness, 100 per cent humidity, low temperatures and varied passages.
'There can be abysses, meanders, narrow and large halls.
'Some caves contain a lot of decoration, others look like tunnels, and others are deep and huge in dimension.
'Each has its own speciality, so the caves are very different from each other.
'The challenge of lighting these kinds of spaces is different with every cave.'
Mr Gedei lives and works in Ljubljana and has been a member of Speleo Club Zeleznicar since 1987. 

Credits: Mail Online
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