jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Japanese photographer combines 10,000 individual images of naked models dancing in front of a camera

At first glance its difficult to know what to make of these extraordinary photographs. But when looked at closely, it is just possible to work out what these images are. The pictures are created by nude models dancing in front of a camera.

The astonishing series of photographs - simply titled 'Nude' -  have been created by Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama.

As reported by PetaPixel, each individual image shows one abstract flesh-coloured shape which has been created by the naked subject.

Incredibly, the photographs are not long-exposure shots. Instead, they have been created by merging ten thousands individual photographs of each naked model. As a result, it is almost impossible to see how the photographs could contain an individual. Each individual body looks completely lost within the blurs created by the model dancing.

Mr Maruyama was born in Nagano, Japan, in 1968. His professional career began in Tokyo in 1993 and ten years later, in search for more opportunities, he decided to move to New York.

These pictures are a perfect example of the photographer's specialism of energetic movements within images.
According to Koikoikoi, his work is subconsciously influenced by a Japanese sense of beauty.

To see more of the photographer's work, visit his website.

Credits: Mail Online
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