jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Ice-capades: The true blue beauty of the icebergs of Iceland

It has been called the nation of fire and ice and as these stunning pictures proves, it is certainly the latter.
The magnificent ever-changing landscapes of Iceland where the freezing temperatures make the icebergs and glaciers shift in every shade of blue, from turquoise and azure to indigo.
With it's volcanic 'black beaches', northern lights and stunning fiords - home of the icebergs - the Northern European nation is a photographer's dream.

Photographer Tim Vollmer, 41, and partner Marketa Kalvachova, 32, spend months travelling to the mythical island, and braving freezing temperatures to shoot the most amazing sights.
And due to the ever-changing appearance of the ice they insist they never get bored - because they will never come across the same iceberg more than once.

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