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How to Take Adventure


Thorung La Pass, Nepal

Photograph by Helmut Zhang, My Shot
Adventure photography has its own set of special challenges. In this gallery, get tips for capturing the best action shots.
Pictured here: A climber on Thorung La pass in the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal is dwarfed by a snowy peak.

Surfer, Hawaii

Photograph by Ron Dahlquist, My Shot
Garrett McNamara in a huge barrel at Peahi or "Jaws," north shore of Maui, Hawaii

Sedona, Arizona

Photograph by Chris Brundige, My Shot
German climber Timo Scheu near Sedona, Arizona

Hikers on Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina/Chile

Photograph by Pete McBride, National Geographic
Braving gusts, hikers press on toward 11,072-foot (3,375-meter) Mount Fitz Roy. The Patagonian mountain sits on the border of Argentina and Chile.

Cyclist, California

Photograph by Catherine Karnow, National Geographic
A man bikes past California oak trees on a grassy hillside.

Sand Dune, Namibia

Photograph by Nick Summers, My Shot
Two hikers climb Dune 45 at Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Photograph by Steve Davis, My Shot
While on a recent vacation to Costa Rica my wife and I took an evening stroll along a quiet stretch of Playa Grande beach. After sunset the sky became beautifully multihued and reflected off the wet sand. I took this shot as a lone surfer, seemingly oblivious to the fantastic views, heads home.

Hampi, India

Photograph by Claire Youdale, My Shot
Taken in Hampi, India. I was on a climbing trip on all the granite boulders scattered in this area, when Johan jumped between the boulder he had just climbed and the one you get down from. I took the shot at just the right time.

Dente del Gigante, Italy

Photograph by Davide Necchi, My Shot
This is a picture of the "dente del Gigante" a famous peak in the Monte Bianco group; this is taken from Colle del Gigante at 3,400 meters [11,155 feet]. This photo is a single shot with only a correction of curve and contrast. The light came from a half moon at 4 a.m.

Ski Lift, Taos, New Mexico

Photograph by Sherri Lunte, My Shot
An amazing sunrise on the beautiful slopes in Taos, New Mexico. I hardly had enough time to pull out my camera for the shot ... then it was gone.

Credits: National Geograhic
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