miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

Paragliders' stunning views during seven-hour, 204-mile record-breaking flight across America's Red Desert

These are the incredible images which capture the breathtaking views of two paragliders as they sailed into the record books with a 204-mile flight record.
High fliers Jon Hunt and Nick Greece sailed at speeds of up to 40mph and more than 18,000ft high for seven hours over some of the most remote terrain in America.
Taking in stunning sights such as the Red Desert and numerous mountain ranges across Wyoming, USA, they had to carry everything from oxygen to food and flight computers.
The thrill-seekers needed to carefully manoeuvre the route to avoid landing in remote areas home to grizzly bears or even a long two-day hike from the nearest civilisation.
But 204.6 miles later, Jon and keen aerial photographer Nick landed with the new North American paragliding foot launch record to their names.

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