viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Incredible images: soap bubbles

At first glance these incredible images appear to show the mystifying surfaces of distant planets. But on closer inspection the oily photos reveal they are actually soap bubbles.They were created by photographer Jason Tozer, using washing-up liquid, a coat hanger bent into a hoop and a plate. 
'I looked online for bubble recipes and a bit of glycerine is apparently the key,' said Mr Tozer to Creative Review who commissioned him to create a series of photos based on the theme of bubbles. 'Ten parts water, one part washing-up liquid and a little bit of glycerine. We also used distilled water as well because hard water isn’t so good.'
He explained that his against a black background, his assistant would wave the coat hanger hoop through the air with washing-up liquid on.  
He would then attempt to capture them with the camera, although moving bubbles are a tricky subject to pin down.
By blowing through a straw into a plate of the solution, Mr Tozer created the more planet-like images.

He took the photo of what was formed on the near-side of the plate and then used a lens cap wet with solution to achieve a single bubble shape to photograph.

The beauty of the photos is that they are not digitally altered - they are produced completely in-camera.
Each bubble is unique and takes on its own individual shape, colour and photographic presence.
Mr Tozer found that  less colours appeared on the surface as further bubbles were made from the batch of washing-up liquid. 'The detergent seems to sink to the bottom of the bubbles, leaving the water behind, so you gradually get different images,' he explained. Mr Tozer has also used his skills with soapy snaps on an advertising campaign for a launch of Samsung phone.

Credits: Daily Mail
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