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Fall Colors in Ontario’s Central Highlands

By Ken Bell
October 20, 2012

The Central Highlands of Ontario is an incredible location to drive through when looking for great fall colors. I went to visit my sister and her family near Quadeville Ontario the last weekend in September.

 Map of the Central Highlands showing where Quadeville is between Bancroft and Renfrew

Saturday morning we went for a drive along the Quadeville Road (County Road 515), driving northeast from Quadeville toward the Foymount Road. In just a few kilometers we came to a hill where you can view a nice vista looking toward Big and Little Eneas Lakes. The panorama of mixed hardwood forest, stone fences, rolling hills and lakes covered with fog was amazing.

Stone fence with rolling hills showing fall colors along with fog covered lakes in the background

A bit further we came to the rather small Murk Lake, where we were able to get shots of the mist rising off the lake, along with more fall colors. Across the road a rounded hill had nice colors on it and in the foreground was a small broad creek that had nice reflections of the colors in it. Also on the other side of the valley was another hill that was lit up nicely in the early morning light.

Steam rising off Murk Lake with a reflection of the fall colors on the hill in the background

 Across from Murk Lake this hillside looked really great in the morning light

Tanis taking pictures of the reflection shot and colors on the hillside

 Beginning of a meadow and woods on a farm just east of Quadeville

Another farm meadow bordered by trees that were nearing peak color

After going for a great early morning drive we returned to my sister’s house for breakfast. In their yard, right next to their house stood a small but outstanding looking maple tree. Also nearby was another very large maple that was not as fully colored but still looked very majestic.

Small maple tree beside the house showed fantastic color

There are many places to experience fall colors in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. The Central Highlands is one of my favorite places, and as can be seen in this article it does not take more than a 10 Km drive to find terrific opportunities to view and photograph them. It is easy to see why this area was a popular spot with the Group of 7, especially in the fall.

Editor's Note: This is Ken Bell's third article for the Canadian Nature Photographer , be sure to check out his other articles: Red Rock Coulee and Drumheller Hoodoos.

Biography: Ken lives and works in Calgary as an IT professional working for WestJet. In his spare time he tries to get out doing as much landscape photography and travel photography as time will allow.

Equipment: Ken uses Nikon camera bodies and Nikkor lenses. The shots on this page were all shot with the D700 body and Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens, one of Ken's favorite lenses.

Website: – is a general interest site that depicts travel and photography he has done over the past several years.

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