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The surfers who really know how to chill out

The icy waters of the Arctic would hardly be most people's first choice for a day at the the beach.
But for these fearless surfers it provides the perfect destination for monster waves.
The daredevils braved the chilly conditions in the crystal clear water as they enjoyed the powerful swells off the Lofoten Islands, in Norway.
Surfers Dane Gudauskas, Alex Parker and Keith Malloy normally carve up the golden beaches of sunny California but made the trip to the Arctic, where temperatures as low as just 2-3C, after hearing about the smooth waves.

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Super cool: Surfer Keith Malloy carves up an icy wave in the Arctic, where the water temperature is as low as 2C. He's more used to the golden beaches of California 

Don't catch a cold! Mr Malloy crouches in the barrel of one of the powerful waves. He's wearing a thick wetsuit, hood, gloves and shoes to prevent pneumonia 

Breathtaking: One of the surfers performs a grab after getting some air on one of the less threatening of the Arctic waves. Behind him the stunning scenery makes for an impressive picture

Golden sun rays light up the sky, but the temperatures in the water and air are still dangerously low. The men had to take extra precautions to prevent them from catching pneumonia

Refreshing: A surfer rips up one of the waves beneath breathtaking backdrop of snow-covered mountains off the Lofoten Islands, in Norway

Extreme: One of the brave surfers performs a turn after dropping in to one of the waves. They have to warm up before entering the water if they are to survive the conditions

Foam from the clear turquoise waters sprays around the surfer as he trails a hand through the swell. They have to walk across rocky shores to reach the remote waves

It's a bit fresh out there: The clean powerful swells are rarely surfed in winter, when most people consider the water too cold to venture in to

A rainbow appears through the mist of an Arctic waterfall. Right, a surfer runs back through the water, no doubt in a hurry for some warmer conditions 

A rainbow appears through the mist of an Arctic waterfall. Right, a surfer runs back through the water, no doubt in a hurry for some warmer conditions

 Beautiful: The temperatures in the water may be close to freezing, but the scenes of the Norther Lights are simply stunning 

Remote: The three surfers survey the waters. They had to walk through the ice-covered road to the beach and through snow as high as his waist - all just to reach the water's edge

Deadly power: Clear blue skies can be seen above the Arctic waves, which many people describe as 'unsurfable' during the winter months

Skills: The surfer performs a frontside turn on the right-hand break. The men said the water was so cold they felt a 'burning sensation' when it touched their exposed skin

Radical: The sportsman ducks inside the barrel of a smaller wave. In the distance the perilous rocks can be seen 

Carving it up: A surfer performs a stunt on the chilly 6ft high wave. The conditions looked 'punishing' said the photographer 

Should I go in? The surfer, whose wetsuit is around 7mm thick in order to keep warm, looks out across the ocean as he studies how the waves are breaking 

Holed up: Alek Parker takes a rest from hitting the waves. In California he would probably lay on the golden sands, here he tries a spot of ice fishing

Chilling out: Keith Malloy rests in a hot tub with a can of beer after a tough day surfing icy Arctic waves 

Mr Parker wraps up warm in a red jacket and wooly hat as he looks out to sea. Reaching the beach across the rocky shore was one of the biggest challenges
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