miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

BODYSCAPES® by Allan Teger

BODYSCAPES®  - A  photography gallery of collectible, sensual, erotic art, black and white photographs of the nude body which give the impression of landscape. These  monochrome art photographs are done in limited editions for the collector of fine art. The naked female and male form become ski slopes, fishing holes, golf courses and places where motorcycles, horses, rowboats, sailboats,  biplanes, and mountain climbers play.BODYSCAPES® were Allan I. Teger’s first artistic series. They began in 1976 and new images are still being added. Browse the galleries on this web site, and see the possibilities!  All images are available for purchase as hand made, fine art prints.BODYSCAPES® are NOT double exposures. Nor are they the result of computer montage. These unique landscapes are created by photographing toys and miniature “people” directly on the human body.BODYSCAPES® have appeared in  magazines and newspapers nationwide, have been exhibited in many gallery shows, and have even been featured on national television in America.To view more of Allan Teger's photographic work, please visit Teger.com

Credits: WhiteZine

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