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GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2012

The Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT) has announced its Nature Photographer of the Year 2012 – and the winner was Klaus Tamm. Dozens of images made it through to the final round for consideration, in the categories: birds, mammals, other animals, plants and fungi, landscapes, nature's studio, and this year's special category, marine habitats in Germany. Here is a selection of the best photos

Top prize winner Klaus Tamm triumphed with this image, of which he said: "One evening in early April 2010 I was out to save common toads crossing the road from being run over. I had wanted to photograph this for quite some time, so I parked the car on a quiet road to compose some images of a migrating toad. The animal moved very slowly due to the cool evening temperatures, and I managed to create a photograph in the vehicle’s beam. The wet surface of the road with its reflections added to the composition."
Photograph: Klaus Tamm/GDT

 The birds category winner by Ingo Plenk
 Photograph: Ingo Plenk/GDT

 The birds category runner-up by Werner Bollmann
 Photograph: Werner Bollmann/GDT

 The birds category third place photo by Michael Lohmann
 Photograph: Michael Lohmann/GDT

Fourth place in birds went to this shot of a great grey owl by Serge Sorbi
Photograph: Serge Sorbi/GDT

 This photo of a capercaillie by Klaus Echle was sixth place in birds
 Photograph: Klaus Echle/GDT

 The mammals category winner: Stoat at Full Speed, by Rolf Müller
 Photograph: Rolf Mueller/GDT

 The mammals category fourth place photo, of a chamois mountain goat, by Gisela Schmid
 Photograph: Gisela Schmid/GDT

 Hermann Hirsch took the mammals category fifth place with this image
 Photograph: Hermann Hirsch/GDT

 The other animals category runner-up by Antje Kreienbrink
 Photograph: Antje Kreienbrink/GDT

 The other animals category sixth place photo by Bernhard Brautlecht
 Photograph: Bernhard Brautlecht/GDT

 This image of beech trees by Michael Lauer won the plants and fungi category
 Photograph: Michael Lauer/GDT

 The plants and fungi category runner-up by Dr Ralph Gräf
 Photograph: Dr. Ralph Gräf/GDT

 This image taken by Claudia Müller took 10th place in plants and fungi
 Photograph: Claudia Müller/GDT

 The landscape category winner by Dr Martin Schmidt
 Photograph: Dr. Martin Schmidt/GDT

The landscape runner-up by Hermann Hirsch
Photograph: Hermann Hirsch/GDT

 The nature's studio winner by Bernd Nill
 Photograph: Bernd Nill/GDT

This photo by Radomir Jakubowski was the nature's studio runner-up
Photograph: Radomir Jakubowski/GDT

The nature's studio third place photo by Harald Metzger of fossilised sand dune
Photograph: Harald Metzger/GDT

Uwe Naeve's image of knots won the marine life category
Photograph: Uwe Naeve/GDT

Stefan Pütz was marine life runner-up with this photo
Photograph: Stefan Pütz/GDT

Credits: The Guardian
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