jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

Randy Jay Braun Gallery

Randy JayBraun is a self-employed professional photographer. My gallery on Maui is the oldest fine-art photography gallery in the state of Hawaii.

My passion is photography and digital imaging. If there is free time, I disappear into the wilderness with my backpack, or hop into my kayak and visit my humpback friends in the deep blue Pacific.

My breifcase is an old Priority Mail box, and I haven't worn a watch for a decade. I threw my appointment book out 3 years ago. To see what time or month it is, I glance at the sun. Of course while I love my sense of freedom, there are the events that require a lot of planning. I teach creative photography workshops in Italy and on Maui. If you desire to join one of my photo adventures, just contact me at randyjaybraun@gmail.com

Life is Maika'i.

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