martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Playing with the sun

By Chris Hanlon

These hot pictures of silhouettes playing in the desert are really sun-thing special.
The pictures appear to show two young students playing football and fooling around with a glowing ball.
But on closer inspection, it's clear that the ball is actually the setting sun.

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Whole new ball game: A woman appears to be holding up the sun in one of a series of stunning images captured by an amateur photographer in Saudi Arabia

World in his hands: A man look like he is taking as rest on the sun

Having a bubble: Setting sun looks like it is being blown up

Ball control: A solar-powered kickabout

Just for kicks: Larking about with the sun

Goal-den moment: Penalty kicks with the setting sun

In the hot seat: Taking the weight off for a moment
 Credits: Daily Mail
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