lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Rivers Photos

Santa Elena Canyon

Photograph by Jack Dykinga
The Rio Grande flows under the 1,500 foot-high (458 meter-high) cliffs of Santa Elena Canyon in the wild realms of Big Bend National Park.
The west Texas waterway travels through some of the Southwest’s most remote wilderness areas. But the Rio Grande isn’t immune to the impacts of humans.
In the past century, dams have stopped flooding that once created wooded banks for wildlife habitat. Reduced water levels have dried up some sections in recent summers and helped concentrate toxins, which enter the river upstream, into levels dangerous for wildlife

Zambezi River

Photograph by Chris Johns
A 700 foot-long (213 meter-long) cable and pipe footbridge stretches across the mighty Zambezi River near Chinyingi, Zambia.
The bridge, one of the few over the river, was built by a Catholic priest turned amateur engineer after five people lost their lives in a nighttime boating accident in these same waters.
In less developed regions, the Zambezi is still a main mode of transportation where roads are impassible or nonexistent.

Credits: National Geographic
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