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The Nature's Best Photography Awards Winners

More than 20,000 images from photographers in 47 countries were reviewed by a judging panel made up of experts in photography, science, and conservation. The award-winners in the 48-print exhibition include the Grand Prize, the Conservation Photographer of the Year, and the Youth Photographer of the Year, as well as finalists selected in 15 categories.

Winners from the Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards, one of the world's most prestigious nature photography competitions, will be on display on the second floor of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History beginning March 30, 2012.

Dedicated in memory of the accomplished photographer and conservation advocate, Windland Smith Rice, this awards program recognizes the extraordinary dedication and talent of nature photographers from around the world and seeks to build upon her legacy in engaging and motivating Earth stewardship through the art of photography. The annual photo competition is open to the public and encourages submissions from photographers at all levels of expertise: pros, amateurs, and youth.

Learn more about the history of the competition, and get the guidelines and photo tips on the website www.NaturesBestPhotography.org

Here are some of the stunning portraits of animals, plant life, oceans, and landscapes from the Windland Awards competition, which include Canadian photographers, Jess Findlay, of Burnaby, British Columbia, and Michael Lambie of Kingston, Ontario.


Jess Findlay
Red Fox
Cascade Mountains, Washington, USA
"Even during the coldest snowstorm, the red fox can stay warm by curling up on open ground. Wrapped in his white-tipped tail, this fox’s cheeky expression made him look as if he had just been rudely awakened from his daytime nap."

For more about Jess Findlay, of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, visit www.jessfindlay.com

Robin Moore

Vine Snake
Choco, Colombia
"I was lying on my stomach to frame a shot of this vine snake when, as if on cue, a fly buzzed down and used the snake's head as a landing pad. As soon as I clicked the shutter, the fly departed."

For more about Robin Moore of Washington, DC, USA, visit www.robindmoore.com

Andy Rouse

Grizzly Bear Cub
Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA
"It was quite a memorable experience when a female grizzly bear left her precious cubs on the riverbank near me as she went fishing for salmon. The cubs were great fun to observe and I managed to catch this one mid-scratch; he looks like he was either having a bad day or peeking at me."

For more about Andy Rouse of Cardiff, Wales, UK, visit www.andyrouse.co.uk

Barbara von Hoffmann

Rothschild Giraffes
Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah‚ USA
"At the Hogle Zoo, I spotted a giraffe with her one-week-old calf. It was heart-warming to witness the mother affectionately nestling her head into the arched neck of her newborn."

For more about Barbara von Hoffmann of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA visit www.vonhoffmannphotography.com

Thomas D. Mangelsen

Polar Bear and Cubs
Manitoba, Canada
"In a bed of soft snow and frost-dusted spruce, a polar bear family takes an afternoon nap cuddled up together. But after being woken up by its squirming, sleepy sibling, this polar bear cub is wide-awake and ready to play. Greeting the wintry world, he waves his soft paw from the warm haven of his mother’s arms."

For more about Thomas D. Mangelsen of Jackson, Wyoming, USA, visit www.mangelsen.com

Michael Lambie

Proboscis Monkeys
Borneo, Malaysia
"I was able to watch several troops of monkeys at the Labuk Bay Sanctuary. This was an unusual scene; it seemed the two juveniles were being brought to heel after incurring the wrath of an adult male."

For more about Michael Lambie of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, email mlambie@soundquest.ca

Federico Veronesi

Cape Buffalo Fight
Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
"I watched these bulls fighting for hours under an overcast sky. To emphasize the texture of their skin and horns, I framed my shots from different angles and approaches. This tight composition is the image I prefer, as it captures the power and the struggle of the confrontation."

For more about Federico Veronesi of Nairobi, Kenya, visit www.federicoveronesi.com

Nuno Sá

Blue Shark
Off Faial Island, Azores, Portugal
"Diving into the blue, I watched a torpedo-shaped shadow rapidly approaching from deep, dark waters. As it came closer, its long pectoral fins gave it a form that reminded me of a jet plane; it was a six-foot-long blue shark."
For more about Nuno Sá of Azores, Portugal, visit www.photonunosa.com

Florian Schulz

Polar Bear Cub
Barents Sea, Norway
"During an Arctic expedition, I observed a polar bear and her cubs living on pack ice far from land. Incredibly inquisitive animals, the young bears learn quickly. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest."

For more about Florian Schulz of Wilhelmsdorf, Germany, visit www.visionsofthewild.com

Lee Slabber

African Lion and Cub
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Kalahari Desert, South Africa
"I had been following a pride, focusing on one youngster who was always causing trouble. In this image, his father had been trying to sleep. The cub kept climbing over the adult’s head until the lion growled to warn it to back off. In a moment of brave defiance, the youngster just glared back at his dad."

For more about Lee Slabber of Cape Town, South Africa, visit www.wildlifephotosafaris.com

Michael Rosenbaum
Roseate Spoonbills
Smith Oaks Rookery, High Island, Texas, USA
"In this photo the bird coming in to land was being warned off by a spoonbill already occupying the tree branch. The interaction may be two birds engaged in combat, but the soft color and graceful lines of the composition make the behavior appear almost like a kiss."

For more about Michael Rosenbaum of Delray Beach, Florida, USA, visit www.michaelrosenbaumphotography.com

David Hall

Goby on Soft Coral
Pantar Island, Indonesia
"The shy, inch-long goby darted around its host soft coral, changing location every few seconds. I pre-focused my camera for an area where I had briefly seen the fish entirely in the open and waited. It returned to the spot long enough for me to quickly make two exposures."

For more about David Hall of Woodstock, New York, USA, visit www.seaphotos.com
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