martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Waves by Mark Middleton

"Tranquility" by Mark Middleton at Big Makena Beach, Maui Hawaii.

"Big Beach Barrel" Big Makena Beach Maui Hawaii

This wave is about 7 feet from the bottom to the top of the wave, the lip is about 2.5 feet and barrel 4-5 feet. When these come through the water is surprisingly fast and the power is insane. When it gets any bigger than this, I run for cover, put my tail between my legs and go to a smaller wave beach.

"Big Beach Blower" The wave and backwash explosion in this wave is over 10 feet high ... took me for a ride :)

Lifeguard Shack at Big Beach Maui Hawaii nestled in front of Kiawe/Mesquite trees - these lifeguards are the busiest on the island due to the huge, fast breaking shore break during large swells.

Underwater Universe

"Sunrise over Haleakala" with a gorgeous turquoise slab of nature.

Gorgeous, Clear, Gloopy wave. The colors in the morning are just gorgeous as the sun crests over Haleakala(the main Maui Mountain - aka "House of the Sun") and penetrates the early morning, clear Hawaiian waters.

"Clear morning Curl" Just before sunrise when the wind has yet to awake, the most clear, juicy, delicious waves in the world can be found coming to shore.

"My Office" on a big surf day. I'm pretty sure I left this day for a smaller breaking beach farther north(only have done that twice in four years). I was about this from the break and got knocked to the ground and pushed up the shore as it was ... and the waves were hitting every 7.2 seconds which is extremely dangerous if you are being held down or injured from one as the next few hit.

Fuente: Mark Middleton
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